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Turkey Teeth


Partial prostheses with a sliding system and removable section, which are produced without hooks, are replaced by missing teeth. Partial prostheses are preferred when the patient’s natural teeth are not sufficient for a fixed bridge prosthesis due to their location and number. Partial prostheses are performed in two different ways, with hooks and precision holders. Since hooks do not appear in prostheses with precision holders, they provide a more aesthetic appearance, and the use of hookless prostheses is generally preferred.

Advantages of Hookless Partial Prostheses

  • There are no hooks that can damage natural teeth.
  • It is very aesthetic as there is no hook to be seen from the outside.
  • Thanks to the precision holders, the prosthesis does not move during use by sitting fully on the mouth and provides comfort of use.
  • The prosthesis base is thin and lightweight.
  • As missing teeth in the mouth is completed, it reduces soft tissue, wrinkles and cheek collapses, especially in the cheek area with age.
  • This provides a natural appearance.
  • The patient can perform the cleaning and maintenance process by removing the prosthetic teeth at any time. After cleaning, they can easily use the prosthesis by wearing it.

In order to use this method, your teeth should be examined by our Specialist Dentists and the prostheses should check the suitability of the necessary infrastructure to hold on to your teeth. Partial prostheses are the best option for patients who want to complete their missing teeth without implants.


Full prosthesis is called denture prostheses among the people. Full prosthesis is a type of prosthesis that can be removed completely from the mouth. It is a prosthesis method generally applied to patients who have no teeth in their mouth. The patient can receive support from the bone tissue in the lower and upper jaw and stay in the mouth with vacuuming.

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