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Yet, before we talk about the 3 main rules, we want to talk about some common mistakes. First of all, the grunge style is not as black as you might think. You can often see colors such as yellow, blue, purple and red in this style. In fact, if you are creating a grunge outfit, we think that a piece of you should definitely be colored, it could be a buckle or a bag, of course. Apart from that, one of the mistakes we see frequently is to always prefer high heels. Be sure, shoes such as converse and vans are preferred as much as heels in grunge style. Of course, heels are a sign of femininity. But the beauty of grunge style is that it is far from this distinction between femininity and masculinity. A woman and a man can wear the same outfit and look very different if they want to. Although there are many more mistakes, we wanted to touch on a couple of issues that we come across most frequently and which are confused with other aesthetic styles

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