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Holiday Villas in Turkey

There are many villas to rent in Kaş for those who are looking for an alternative vacation experience in Turkey. Kalkan, a coastal village located in Kaş, Antalya, is one of the most popular villa destinations in Turkey. During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, Greeks and Turks were the first settlers of Kalkan which was known as “Kalamaki” at the time. The place was an important port for trade in the past, yet the rapid industrial development brought the trading to an end, making Kalkan a great historical place for a coastal vacation with a breathtaking view.

Being a popular tourist destination during the summer season, Kalkan offers various vacation options to choose from. Kalkan villa rentals especially became popular among tourists who are concerned about privacy over the last years. If you are planning to go on a vacation, you may be wondering why a villa holiday might be better than staying at hotels. After all, hotels solve many of the modern world problems, providing utmost comfort and everything you may need throughout your vacation while you get to enjoy your free time as you wish.

Advantages of Villa Holidays

Renting villas rather than staying at hotels may not be for everybody. Depending on what you want to have during your vacation, staying at a hotel might be a better option. However, there are many advantages of renting a villa as well.

  • Even though renting a villa may seem expensive, it can actually be more budget-friendly. While hotels charge per person per night, villas can be rented for a certain amount of time for a large group of people. This can be quite cheap depending on your circumstances.
  • If you value privacy and do not like crowds, rental villas are a great option. Whether you want to spend alone time with your significant other for a romantic holiday, or you want to have some quality time with your family, rental villas provide the privacy that you need. Villas also tend to be children-friendly. While your children are playing in the garden or swimming in the pool, you can do your barbeque with your friends.
  • Speaking of pools, almost all rental villas have private pools. You can have the entire pool for yourself and your family without being concerned about others invading your personal space. You don’t have to wake up at a certain time to choose the best spot for yourself. Alternatively, you can use the pool whenever you want, meaning that you can go for a night swim if that is what you like.

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